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What Is The Maverick Mindsets Podcast


maverick mindsets cover image, a podcast by Rick LoweThe Maverick Mindsets started out from a position of personal curiosity.Everyone has a unique story that all of us can learn and grow from. Whether
that’s through a diverse group of entrepreneurs, or down to an individual maverick. 

Rick’s interviews with high achieving personalities, give valuable insight to the audience and listeners based around the key facets of life and business. Whether it is managing your mindset, creating the conditions for success, or dealing life’s major challenges, each podcasts delivers applicable gems of wisdom from those that have blazed a trail.

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An Insightful First Maverick Mindsets with Tomas Halgas

More about Tomas:
A tech entrepreneur. He co-founded the community messenger Sphere, where he spent 6 years developing communication and community technologies. After six years and over $30M in investments from the world’s best investors, he subsequently sold the company to Twitter last year.


Rick Lowe & Tomas Halgas interview

Group image of Maverick Mindsets at Home Grown, November 2022.


Diversified Guests 


Sheyi Lisk- Carew

Jojo Barr

Paddy Willis 


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